We offer a variety of classes to support your wellbeing.

Whether you are exploring new ways to enjoy physical activity, restore balance to your life, or better manage stress, we have the class for you.  

Explore our current offerings.

This week's schedule (May 16-20):
Summer classes will begin the week of June 6th. Details and registration will be available soon.

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Zoom Meditation
12:15pm (password: meditate)


All times shown are EDT.


Wake Up & Flow

Integrative Movement

Movement & Meditation


Back to Basics: Poses for All Levels

Stretch & Unwind

Open the Body, Open the Mind

Tai Chi



Guided Meditations (Zoom)

Recorded Meditations

Mindfulness for Students

Meditation for Harvard Staff

Community Resources

Harvard Community Running

Down Under School of Yoga

JP Centre Yoga

4 Corners Yoga + Wellness

In-Person Protocols

  • As we are part of Health Services, masks are still required during class.
  • Please pick up a fresh mask when you enter the building. Instructors will have extra masks if you need one.
  • Instructors will be screening all class participants prior to entry into the room. Please arrive a couple of minutes early to allow time for screening.
  • Please come dressed and prepared for class. There are no changing rooms available onsite.
  • We highly recommend that you use the wipes provided to disinfect any props you plan to use, prior to use. Don’t assume that the person before you cleaned as thoroughly as you’d like. Be responsible for your own health. After class, please thoroughly clean any props you may have used before putting them away.
  • All Harvard community members who will have any on-campus presence are now required to be vaccinated. This includes instructors and class participants. If you are not vaccinated, please select one of our many virtual class options.