Sexual Health

Sexual health includes STI prevention, birth control & contraception, consent, communication with your partner(s), accessing care at HUHS, and much more. 

The Center for Wellness & Health Promotion is here to help guide you in creating healthy and safer sexual experiences. If you have more questions, email us at

Come by the Center for Wellness and Health Promotion to pick up
- External and internal condoms 
- Oral dams
- Lube 
Our office is located on the 2nd floors of the Smith Campus Center
(Mon-Tue 10a-8p, Wed-Fri 8a-8p, Sat 9a-4p)

Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) & Getting Tested

Birth Control, Barrier Methods, & Emergency Contraception (Plan B)

How to Use an External Condom

How to Use an Internal Condom (FC2)

How to Use an Oral Dam

Reasons to Use Lube

Locations in Harvard Square to Purchase Supplies