Financial wellbeing means being mindful of your financial decision making. Supporting financial health can look like differentiating between needs and wants and living within your means, and managing short-term and long-term financial goals. 

Foster your Financial Wellbeing

  • Track and review your spending by monitoring your bank account and keeping a list of all purchases in one week – it may be more than you think
  • Start with small changes that will add up over time (i.e. make your own coffee rather than buying it)
  • Write a list and set a budget for yourself before going shopping
  • Ask yourself “do I really need this?” before an unplanned purchase
  • Start a savings account – add a small monthly automatic payment if possible
  • Ask for student discounts

Potential Benefits

  • Achieve personal financial goals
  • Reduce debt
  • Decrease financial stress
  • Feel in control of and secure in your finances
  • Increase savings for tomorrow


Harvard Employee Assistance Program
Harvard University Employees Credit Union
Harvard College Financial Aid
*For graduate schools, visit specific school's financial aid resources page.