Environmental wellbeing means leading a lifestyle that values the relationship between ourselves, our community, and the environment. Individual wellbeing is affected by the environments we live in and we as individuals also have a significant impact on these environments. Cultivating environmental wellbeing requires us to recognize our responsibility to protect the earth and promote lifestyle practices that serve to sustain the natural environment and its resources. 

Foster your Environmental Wellbeing 

  • Recycle
  • Bike or walk when you can
  • Use reusable bags and water bottles
  • Be mindful of your water use
  • Go to the farmers' market, choose locally-sourced food
  • Turn off lights and electronics when not in use
  • Unplug devices
  • Donate unwanted clothing

Potential Benefits

  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Small changes add to big changes in preserving our environment
  • Save money
  • Feel good about your practices
  • Locally grown food is fresher and more nutritious