2018 Aug 22

Acupuncture: 1-hour Appointments

Repeats every week on Monday, Wednesday, Friday until Mon Sep 03 2018 .
8:45am to 5:15pm

Acupuncture: 1-hour Appointments
Jeff Shih-chung Matrician, Lic. Ac. (M,W,F)
Mauren Jordan, Lic. Ac. (Th)
Monday: 8:45 am - 5:15 pm
Wednesday: 8:45 am - 5:15 pm
Thursday: 3:15 - 8:30 pm
Friday: 8:45 am - 5:15 pm
114 Mt. Auburn Street, 7th Floor, Cambridge MA 02138
$85.00/HUGHP Member.
$65.00/HUSHP Student
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One of the oldest medical traditions, acupuncture involves stimulation of anatomical points on the body. Stimulation most commonly involves penetrating the skin with hair-thin, solid, metallic needles that are manipulated by the acupuncturist. People report different experiences, though most individuals report little or no pain. In fact, many people report feeling either energized or pleasantly relaxed following a treatment. Acupuncture is designed to restore a state of balance to the body by unblocking vital energy that according to traditional Chinese medicine flows through the body...

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Acupuncture is based on traditional Oriental medical theories and involves the insertion of metal needles through the skin at certain points on the body in an attempt to relieve pain or improve bodily function. Frequent uses include pain management (e.g. arthritis, back pain, and headaches), neurological conditions, asthma, drug abuse and alcoholism, nausea related to chemotherapy, weight control, smoking, stroke, gastrointestinal disorders, gynecological and obstetric problems, and stress management.

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Do I have to fill out the registration forms before I can schedule an appointment?

Yes, there are a few forms that need to be completed before scheduling your first massage or acupuncture appointment. This provides us with the information we need to best serve you and to verify your eligibility. It also ensures that we have communicated all of the information you need to know about our program, including the strict cancellation policy. Also, it allows you to choose a payment option for your appointment. It is our policy to arrange payment in advance of your appointment.


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