John Schlorholtz

John Schlorholtz

Yoga for overall wellness


Apprenticed for several years in the use of yoga as a therapy tool for joint and muscle injury, and uses this knowledge in his work with those who have had various injuries, including repetitive strain injury and back pain.

Other Experience

Extensive yoga-teaching background, which has included instructing at the Carroll Center for the Blind, the Newton Arts Center, the Yoga Therapy Center in Brookline, and the Arlington Senior Center. Leads yoga retreats for diverse groups of individuals, has written a book, and has produced his own yoga video.

Appointment/Class Times

Tuesdays 1:00pm

Appointment/Class Location

CCAE, 42 Brattle Street

At the Center for Wellness Since 1994


Making Yoga possible for all ages and varieties of physical conditions. Classes focus on increasing self awareness and physical freedom by concentrating on rhythmic movement and breathing. Insights are offered to enable participants to work with subtle dynamics in their muscles, joints, breathing and posture.