Yoga Feedback - John Schlorholtz

"It is a very rewarding class! I get my weekly portion of joint movement, muscle relaxation, stretches, balances, and I also practice yoga at home, using whatever I learned during the weekly session. The instructor’s pace of exercising is very proper (at least for me), and I like the particular style of yoga he is practicing. "

We also get a lot of explanation, and last but not least, he has a good humor.
- Female, Harvard Staff, Participant for 5 - 10 years

John's curious, joyful approach to yoga makes his class a real pleasure.  His gentle, flowing style encouraged me to break out of my typical postures and explore new ways in which to move my body.  I feel that my circulation and flexibility have improved, and I am refreshed and relaxed after class.  I wanted to begin yoga to improve my health, but was wary of the strenuous postures and rapid pace that are typical of some yoga classes.  I feel very comfortable in John's class.  The pace is relaxed and the movements are effective without being overly demanding.  I'm so glad I discovered his class!



John Schlorholtz